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SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency,
An innovative eco-flying solution to save fuel.


CrewIntelligence™ and CrewPad™,
Solutions to optimize the usage of your crew resources.


OptiFleet™ and OCC Intelligence™
Innovative solutions to jointly optimize your Fleet, Network and Schedule

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offices worldwide

Millions of $ saved in 2016

Tons of CO2 saved every day

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About SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency

Fuel saving and CO2 reducing software

SkyBreathe® software provides eco-flying solutions for airlines. The software uses Big Data algorithms and automatically analyses the large amount of available data in flight data recorders to assess flights’ efficiency. This assessment is made according to the actual flight conditions (Payload, weather conditions, flight path, ATC constraints, etc.). Based on this information, airlines can implement the most appropriate best practices to reduce their fuel burn and save money since jet fuel represents ~30% of their costs. Read more

100 predefined reports

100+ data quality controls and 100+ preset reports available

3D visualization

3D display of planned and actual flight paths

Custom analyses

Fully customizable reports and dashboards for all users

Big Data algorithms

Thousands of relevant measures produced for each flight

Fast analysis

100+ parameters processed each second of flight

Pilot Report

Flight-by-flight individual debriefings for pilots: MyFuelCoach™

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