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optimize your Fleet, Network and Schedule

OptiFleet is an innovative solution to jointly optimize your Fleet, Network and Schedule

Based on Eurodecision’s optimization engine, OptiFleet™ is a unique solution to build your typical week of operations in the strategic planning phase and propose an operable solution optimized for profit.

The proposed solution is complete with a graphical view of the schedule and aircraft rotations, extensive KPIs and reports, and can be easily modified by hand thanks to its simple-to-use graphical interface.



Your existing schedule
Your existing fleet and possible fleet variations
Demand figures and demand models by leg
Operational constraints (MTT…)
Direct operating costs and possession costs



Fleet composition
Aircraft allocation
Aircraft rotations

Featured Case Study

Answering bids at a charter airline

When a charter or mixed charter airline answers a bid, it has to do it quickly and at the best price. To accommodate the demand, it must see how it can modify its aircraft rotations while preserving revenue.
OptiFleet™ automatically evaluates all schedule variations and arbitrates between opportunities to propose the optimal solution in terms of revenue.

Fleet efficiency consulting

Operations Control Center and Fleet Management

OCC Improvement

Having worked on four major Operations Control Center renewal projects, we can help you:

– Integrate the different functions of the company (ops, schedule, crew, maintenance and commercial) for better decision making
– Improve your on-time performance and regularity
– Reduce the commercial impact of your disruptions
– Install relevant KPIs to measure your performance
– Modernize your decision support and reporting tools

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Network & Fleet Planning

Leveraging our OptiFleet™ product, we can help you:

– Optimize your network by selecting the most profitable destinations
– Optimize your aircraft allocation to minimize spill
– Build an optimized schedule with better aircraft usage and demand capture

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Solution Implementation

If you need to change your airline operations system, we can help you with:

– Project Management
– Business Case definition
– RFI/RFP organization & vendor selection
– Customization & Integration
– Migration & Support

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