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On febrero 12, 2018

Openairlines awarded runner-up prize at CleanTech Open Global 2018

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – February 2, 2018 – OpenAirlines was awarded Runner-up Prize at the Cleantech Open Global 2018the largest international cleantech start-up competition, in the United States.

On February 2, 2018, Cleantech Open (www.cleantechopen.org), the world’s largest accelerator of early-stage clean-technology companies, announced the winners and runners-up of the Cleantech Open awards for its Global Ideas competition.
Less than two months after the international event «Tech For Planet» that brought together the most innovative tech entrepreneurs fighting climate change – initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron – France shone once again by placing OpenAirlines on the podium of the largest international Cleantech Startup Competition. The event was held in Los Angeles from 28 to 30 January 2018 during Global Forum.

This result confirms France ability to provide concrete solutions towards greater climate action and the incredible talents it has to develop these innovations in the international market.

Winner of Cleantech Open France 2017, OpenAirlines was selected to represent France at Cleantech Open Global. «The Cleantech Open Global Competition supports and encourages cleantech startups’ R&D efforts that are renewing the way to respond to the societal upheavals in the field of business management, natural resources, and ecosystem preservation. The results of OpenAirlines and Alertgasoil demonstrate the quality of innovation made in France, «commented Pierre Nougué and Oliver Duverdier co-founders of Cleantech Open France.

Supported by Cleantech Open France teams, OpenAirlines which develops SkyBreathe®, a solution to reduce airlines’ CO2 Emission, convinced the jury in the «Growth» category. Represented by Alexander Feray, CEO, the winner of Cleantech Open France 2017 flew the tricolor flag of eco-innovation on the second step of the podium, just behind the Israeli startup Twine.

Already awarded several times in France and beyond, this large media exposure in the global cleantech ecosystem and in front of American decision-makers will help shape the future of the company by introducing their unique fuel savings solution SkyBreathe®, to all American’ airlines. The American region has shown an interest in achieving its goal for more efficient air travel. “Because fuel is their biggest single expense – 33% percent of operating costs – improving fuel efficiency is one of the greatest challenges for all airlines. The only hope for winning the battle against climate change is through greater operational efficiency, an issue that is easily solved with the SkyBreathe®  solution.» Concluded Alexandre Feray



LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator) runs the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program, the Cleantech Open. Since 2006, Cleantech Open has worked with over 1,300 early stage cleantech innovators, helping them develop their business models, engage investors and secure first customers. Each year, as many as 250 companies participate in one of the Cleantech Open US, Global Climate Innovation or Global Ideas programs. Once a year, the best innovators from across these programs come together in celebration of their progress and impact in creating an inclusive green global economy.

Cleantech Open: www.cleantechopen.org – @cleantechopen

Cleantech Open France: www.ctofrance.com – @cleantechopenFR

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