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What is SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency?

An innovative Fuel Saving Solution

SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency provides a fuel preservation solution for airlines. The software use Big Data algorithms and automatically analyses the large amount of available data in flight data recordersto assess flights’ efficiency.

This assessment is done according to the actual flight conditions (Payload, weather conditions, flight path, ATC constraints, etc.).

Based on this information, airlines can implement the most appropriatebest practices to reduce their fuel burn and save moneysince jet fuel represents ~30% of their costs.

We'll reduce

your fuel consumption by 2-5%


Predefined reports

100+ data quality controls and 100+ preset reports

3D visualization

3D display of planned and actual flight paths

Custom analyses

Fully customizable reports and dashboards for all users

Pilot Report

Flight-by-flight individual debriefings for pilots : MyFuelCoach™

Big Data

Thousands of relevant measures produced for each flight

Fast analysis

100+ of flight parameters processed each second

How does it work?

We compute real savings taking into account the exact flight conditions

  • SkyBreathe® algorithms use recorded data which undergo many quality controls. This permits to ensure the highest level of confidence in input data.
  • Achieved and potential fuel saving is measured using first principle performance models.
  • Many analyses, graphs, and preset reports can be accessed to facilitate and improve airlines’ decision-making.
  • Individual analyses are made available for pilots: it’s like having a fuel coach on every flight!

Easy to use


  • Fully automated data seeds
  • Highly customizable dashboards
  • Ergonomic/intuitive navigation
  • 3D display of planned and actual flight paths
  • Fast analysis
  • For all devices

ENJOY MyFuelCoach™

Superior pilot engagement means more savings!

Every pilot knows each flight is different. Empowering pilots means better results!

  • Individual analyses are available for pilots
  • They can compare their own results with the overall airline results
  • This first level of information encourage pilots to improve
  • Pilots love it!



“SkyBreathe® was the logical next step in Icelandair Fuel Efficiency that dates back to 2004. The system provides us more in depth analytical capabilities and makes the Icelandair Fuel Efficiency Team more productive and the airline as a whole.”

Einar Ingvi Andrésson – Fuel Manager at Icelandair


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