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On 五月 22, 2017

SkyBreathe meet great success in China

Hot news! Today we are excited to launch the latest release of SkyBreathe® in Chinese language! And what a beautiful version it is.
We have 2 Asian airlines among our 22 customers now using our system so we are excited to demonstrate our increased commitment to SkyBreathe’ Chinese users. Clearly, China has extraordinary opportunities of growth for us and it’s on top of our strategic and sales priority. The excellent welcome and interest of our fuel efficiency solution makes us feel optimistic and gives reasons to improve ourselves more and more for the future.” Said Alexandre Feray, CEO, OpenAirlines.

In may, OpenAirlines hosted an official launch, in Beijing China, introducing Fuel Efficiency Software SkyBreathe in Chinese language.
Watch the video: Alexandre Feray talk about fuel efficiency and Co2 emission at CAAC TV, Chinese Civil Aviation TV.


Source: OpenAirlines CEO谈如何当好航企的节油教练  http://tv.caacnews.com.cn/?p=14093

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