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On julio 13, 2016

Oman Air Implements Fuel Efficiency Software from OpenAirlines

Oman Air has selected OpenAirlines- Skybreathe® to provide its cloud-based fuel efficiency software solution. The solution will provide both predictive and post-flight analysis by fusing a combination of multiple data sources to identify and realize opportunities for fuel savings and track implementation success. The software will also cover the airline’s requirements for compliance with the
On noviembre 28, 2015

SkyBreathe® User Conference 2015

Watch the video of our 1st SkyBreathe User Group Conference : OpenDay. In november 2015, we had a fruitful conference in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere in Paris. Thank you all and see you next year for an event better 2nd User Group Conference!
On octubre 17, 2014

ONUR AIR saves more fuel with SkyBreathe®

As part of its continuous improvement efforts, Onur Air has taken a new step by partnering with OpenAirlines in order to monitor its fuel consumption and develop best practice solutions for its operation. “With this move, we are aiming to touch one of the most important item on an airline’s cost structure while we show
On junio 15, 2014

Enter air saves more fuel

Enter Air, Polish charter airline company, continue its commitment to sustainable development by signing a contract with OpenAirlines. OpenAirlines, an innovative company, has implemented SKYBREATHE FUEL EFFICIENCY a software solution to help airlines all over the world achieve important savings (from 1% to 4 %) on their fuel costs. This software is the outcome of
On enero 1, 2014

Un logiciel pour réduire la facture carburant !

En 2006, Alexandre Feray a créé OpenAirlines, une entreprise innovante qui compte aujourd’hui une dizaine de salariés et qui a développé après 5 ans de recherches, un logiciel permettant aux compagnies aériennes de consommer moins de carburant. Comment ? Cet ancien salarié d’Air France avait depuis longtemps une idée fixe...
On octubre 23, 2013

Air Mediterranée adopte OpenAirlines

Air Méditerranée réduit sa consommation de carburant avec la solution Open Airlines Air Méditerranée intègre le logiciel «SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency » de la société OpenAirlines pour diminuer son empreinte carbone et économiser du carburant. La solution développée par Open Airlines, permettra à la compagnie de réaliser une économie de carburant de l’ordre de 2 à